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What if you had access to the same templates that lawyers do?


62+ Common Templates

Give yourself or business basic legal protection with common legal documents


Customise & print in seconds

Enter your information, and have ready to print documents in seconds


Come to your lawyer prepared

Save massive amounts when you come to your lawyer already prepared with your legal documents


A revolution in value you receive

Rather than pay for a visit to a lawyer, their time, and their time to fill a template in – pay far less and have access to 62+ templates, available at any time.

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For far less than a single trip to a law firm. Don’t pay more than you need to.

A revolutionary software at an unbelievable price

Using Lawyerless will save you potentially thousands of dollars when it comes to  legal fees. Traditionally, you would attend a meeting at a law firm, paying hundreds for that in itself. Then, you would pay more for the document, and the time for them to fill that document template in. Our software cuts all that out, and puts the power in your hands. For FAR less than the cost of a visit to a lawyer, and time to prepare a basic document, you get 62+ documents available at any time. Our software makes it easy to personalise your document for you/your business at any time.

Committed to People, Committed to Value

Challenging the legal industry

Too often, we hear stories of lawyers charging exorbitant fees for template driven documents prepared by a paralegal. We seek to address that.

Connecting you, to enable you

We connect you with the documents you need, to enable your business to thrive and be more flexible than ever. You can have that NDA or Partnership Agreement within seconds.

For the next generation of big businesses

Small business doesn’t have the time, or funds, to foot expensive legal fees for fundamentally basic agreements and documents. These documents are used every day – so why are they so expensive to prepare? Lawyerless cuts out the massive margin associated with building these documents – and lets you do it yourself.

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Jeff Bennett


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